Kaspersky Activation Key File 08 May, 2009

DOWNLOAD Kaspersky’s Updated (08-05-09) Activation Key Files

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This Kaspersky Key Pack contains

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 Activation Key File (13 Key File)
2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Activation Key File (12 Key File)
3. Activation Method
4. More! Key & Instructions
5. ESET Escalation ID FREE!

Kaspersky 2009 Activation key File. www.kasperskyfile.blogspot.com

Total: 230 Kilo Bytes

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21 thoughts on “Kaspersky Activation Key File 08 May, 2009

  1. the keys work, but were detected and blacklisted very quickly… only a few left, i’m gonna give it a try anyway… so i’m sorry if all got blacklisted heh… i think we’re all gonna get blacklisted…

  2. i've tried the next key, and it worked, it slipped like a charm, at least for the moment. i'll only update it once a week, & b4 updating i need to make sure there are some new keys, hehe… & thanks to you mr kaspersky key… you're so generous, & i still wonder, how do you get all these keys? anyway, thanks again!

  3. You can check this web sit for new keys (KIS and KAV all version)Http://www.kavkiskey.com/Please note:1- If you have KIS or KAv on your computer, you van not go to this website because of Kaspersky rolls.2- Only Download keys which are only contain CM not CN (this is for china).Also If you have free time search website for this on ” Kaspersky Key Finder” (Kasper-Key Sharing Network (KKSN) V2.4.1). By this program you can fine new key and download them. you can check it herehttp://www.dl4all.com/Read the web site full.Should you have any question just let me know on [email protected]

  4. http://www.kavkiskey.com <— Application Firefox contains link to web page http://www.kaviskey.com/, used to steal passwords, credit card numbers or other confidential data. Denied. "1- If you have KIS or KAV on your computer, you van not go to this website because of Kaspersky rolls." <— No, it's because KIS & KAV will block this website so that the pathetic owner of the website won't be able to steal all of your precious & confidential data."Kasper-Key Sharing Network (KKSN) V2.4.1" <— Sorry pal, can't trust you anymore.

  5. @ AnonymousDear UserThis site is very clean. Kasper says it to you to don’t use the keys. It is very funny. hahahaYou can Use it with out any problem.

  6. @ AnonymousIf you are sure for stealing password and …. from KAVKISKAY, and IF YOU HAVE KASPERSKY on your PC and IF it can’t help to for hacking, it must go to bin.

  7. I’m not sure… I guess I’ll pass. Don’t wanna risk it for now, maybe later, though I know I’ll miss the fun…

  8. Thanks to d_mahjouri for informing me for the grate website and software. I use KKSN without any problem.Thanks man. that is god job.

  9. here an KIS 7 valid key (tested by me 9 June)Rapidshare protected link( to not be deleted)http://lix.in/-4feeea

  10. New Kaspersky keys pack from 06/12/2009In the archive ther're keys forKaspersky Anti-Virus 5Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8Kaspersky Anti-Virus for WKS&FSKaspersky Internet Security 6Kaspersky Internet Security 7Kaspersky Internet Security 8http://letitbit.net/download/6fd8bbceed29396/keys_06_12_2009.rar.html

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