Kaspersky Activation Key File 11 February, 2010

Fresh Kaspersky’s Updated (11-02-10) Activation Key Files KAV+KIS DOWNLOAD

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This Kaspersky Key Pack contains-

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus(KAV) 2009 and 2010 Activation Key File (42 Key Files)
2. Kaspersky Internet Security(KIS) 2009 and 2010 Activation Key File (26 Key Files)
3. Activation Method
4. More! PURE Key and Instructions, Chinese Kaspersky key.

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Total Size of Keyfiles: 77 Kilo Bytes

25 thoughts on “Kaspersky Activation Key File 11 February, 2010

  1. help me plz…
    my kis its not working because its necessary to put “commercial license” its impossible to put trial license anymore.
    appear “trial license validity period has expired”…what can i do to solve that problem???

      1. i did that my friend, i always make like that, but now the trial license have been “expired” and when i try to add a new one just appear “commercial license” in the box…didnt appear “trial license” to input. that is the problem!!!someone can help….i already remove and add again the KIS but the same problem….


      2. in the box below…when we need to change appear “license: blocked”…so we delete and add a new one…in my case appear “license:expired”….in this case when try to active a new license just have “activate a commercial license”…dont have “active trial license”…so i cant input the file in trial license….how can i solve that???thanks!!

  2. hi there people, im having a problem… :s
    This keys arent working for me… :/
    Can someone help me please???
    I always use this blog to have my updated key, but since now, was everything good, and now i am having problems… :S

  3. tnks 4 de ks, but…how can I unblock them, I mean, Do I have to do anything else ?, I downloaded the key from the pirate bay, but after one or two weeks, my keys were blocked by kaspersky…? Help me please….

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